Human Resources


In our company, in line with our strategies and targets, we select candidates suitable for the positions formed by various reasons such as resignation and promotion, mission, vision, values, policies and targets of our institution. In our company, we transfer the applications made by the candidates by mail, e-mail, website or in person to our human resources pool with applications that meet the requirements and position requirements in line with our needs. Through one-to-one interviews with the candidates in our candidate pool and the tests we apply when we deem necessary, we carry out a diligent effort to place the right candidates in the positions. As a result of the selection process, we offer job vacancies to the candidates that we deem appropriate, and ensure that our newly recruited employees adapt to our company and duty.

Our Human Resources Policy

As SGS, our human resources policy; to act responsibly towards the society, to comply with ethical values ​​and ethical principles, to carry out practices that enable our employees to have a “human” and “continuous development bakış perspective and to bring employees with this vision to our company. Our main objectives are to keep the development of our employees in the forefront at every stage and to contribute to the company targets such as productivity and customer satisfaction by ensuring the continuous development of our employees.